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November 2015

Stay Hungry

Matthew 5:6
The Keys to Happiness:  Part 4

How to Handle the Holiday Stress

Matthew 1:18-25

The Power of Meekness

Matthew 5:5
Keys to Happiness: Part 3

Telling Your Story: Getting the Conversation Started

Philipians 4:13 ┬áListen to these testimonies and Bro. John’s directs on us on who to get the conversation started with.

The Comfort of Mourning

Matthew 5:4

October 2015

Search and Rescue

Listen to Bro. John on this final in the series.
James 5:19-20

Prayer Makes the Difference

James 5:13-18

September 2015

Telling Your Story: Getting Prepared

Message 2 in the Series.
1 Peter 3:15

Money Problems

James 5:1-6

Telling Your Story: Paul’s Example

Message 1 in the Series

Acts 25:23 – 26:32