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November 2014

Getting the Most out of the Holidays

Bro. Jim is the minister to children and students at Meadowbrook.  Listen as he speaks to us about getting the most out of the holidays.

Amazing Grace

Bro. John preaches from the hymn book.  Amazing Grace.

Thanksgiving: Be the One!

Bro John delivers the final in the Thanksgiving: It’s not just a Holiday series.

Pre-Life Summit (A.M.)

Bro. Mac Cockerel brings us a message in preparation for the Life Summit Revival beginning February 15.

Thanksgiving: Cultivating a Thankful Life

Bro. John shares Part 2 of “Thanksgiving: More Than A Holiday”

Thanksgiving: More Than a Holiday! Pt 1

Bro. John preaches from I Thessalonians 5:16-18.

October 2014

iWittness, Inviting

Bro. John wraps up the iWittness series with Invite.

Prodigal Prophet Returns

Bro. John completes his 3 part series from Jonah, The Prodigal Prophet.

iWitness, Investing

Bro.  John continues with the iWitness 4Xfour Challenge Series, Investing.

iWitness, Interceding

Bro. John present the Interceding portion of the iWitness 4Xfour Challenge sermon series.