Our CONNECT groups meets every Sunday

from 9:30am – 10:15am.

At Meadowbrook Baptist we believe that involvement in a CONNECT Group and connecting with other believers is critical to one’s spiritual growth. This is why we encourage everyone to find their place in a CONNECT Group. For this reason we provide meaningful and practical CONNECT Groups for all ages—from infants to senior adults, which meet every Sunday Morning at 9:15 am.


We sum the goals up in three tasks: reaching people for bible study, teaching people God’s Word and ministering to people’s needs. All of our groups are organized to reach more people for life-changing Bible Study, to teach the Bible clearly and accurately, and to minister to each other through hands-on helping and prayer. CONNECT Groups aid the discipleship process by serving as the beginning place for involving adults in doing the work of the Great Commission. It is an entry point for guests and is foundational for church members to mature as they study God’s Word and learn to serve.


New people often ask, “How do I get to know other people?” Our answer is, “CONNECTGroups.” CONNECT Groups are the place to make new friends and find spiritual and personal support for everyday life. Groups meet weekly for Bible study and help establish ongoing relationships with church members and guests.


The primary focus of study is the Bible. We use the Explore the Bible curriculum from LifeWay Christian Resources, but we also use other resources with the primary goal of accelerated spiritual development for all learners. This is accomplished through ongoing small-group study as well as personal Bible study with the purpose of guiding adults toward conversion, maturity, and ministry.

One of our friendly greeters will help you and your family find an appropriate Sunday School group.

Top Ten Reasons to Join a CONNECT Group

1. Transformation
We are all on a journey thru life to become the person GOD intends us to be. GOD is trying to make us more like Jesus Christ “through HIs Spirit, prayer and life experiences. Although we may never arrive, we should continue to respond” to GOD’s transforming call each and every day of our lives. Join others in this life-changing journey.                                

2. Prayer requests
While you will not be called on to pray out loud, all classes have the privilege of praying for each other and their families and friends. Most classes send emails with their requests to keep everyone up to date. It is a GREAT feeling to experience the POWER and WARMTH of corporate prayers from many in your class!

3. Fellowship
All classes have parties. We call them “fellowships” which always seem to involve food and more food. Classes have been known to have dinner together at Top O’ the River, watch football games together, or just spend the afternoon together at someone’s lake house.

4. Mission projects
More and more classes are going on mission trips together as a class. This makes your first experience in the mission field a lot less “scary” and helps prepare you for future mission trips. Missions is at the heart of everything we do at Meadowbrook.  We are making a impact for GOD here in Oxford and around the world.                                

5. Bible Study
Every member of a class receives a FREE quarterly study guide which contains weekly Bible Studies complete with scripture and commentary. Teachers lead the weekly Bible Study in engaging and practical ways.  As we study through the Bible, we find ourselves connecting with God and with one another.

6. Life Application
Arguably the greatest benefit of Bible study, is discovering how the scriptures gives us day to day guidance, even in the 21st Century.                                

7. Christian Friendships
It has been said, “We become the people that we spend time with.” Developing friendships with other Christians allows us to become the people God want us to be.

8. Encouragement
We all need encouragement to help keep all of us on the right track. 

9. Reality check
Just when you think that no one else has experienced any problems you face, you’ll find yourself sitting in the same room with others who’ve experienced similar problems or worse.                      

10. Pleases GOD
Anytime we read and study GOD’s written word for the purpose of living our lives according to HIS ways, GOD is pleased.