The Music

Some things are too wonderful to be merely said. They must be sung! That’s certainly what we believe about the gospel. Our praise team doesn’t get too hung up on style and genre. Our focus is to bring glory to God in a way that engages the congregation. You’re likely to sing songs that are hundreds of years old and songs that aren’t yet a year old with us.

The Message

We take the Bible seriously when it says that “all scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching.” By the testimony of the Bible itself, it’s our conviction that the Bible is sufficient and authoratative for the instruction of every area of our lives. We preach through books of the Bible so that you can be sure that we don’t dodge any of the difficult passages. Our multi-sensory approach is intended to help you see the text clearly and to serve as a starting point for personal study. 

The Liturgy

Our desire is to worship God on his terms. So, we attempt to structure our worship services by what God has said. Every week, we preach the word, sing the word, read the word, pray the word, and practice the ordinances. It’s a rhythm of rest that we return to every week to be reminded again of our secure hope in Jesus. 

The Worshipers

The church family at Meadowbrook is far from perfect but full of passion and joy. Some worshipers are quite expressive while others are more stilled. Some grew up in church and some found hope in Jesus much later in life. But, regardless of our story and place in life, we are bound together as one body by our desire to worship Jesus Christ. We ‘adress one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord with (our) hearts.’